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UK Classic Foreign Bird Show 2016

Promoted by the Foreign Bird League & The Australian Finch Society

2016 show held in St. Neots on 18th Sept 2016

 2016 Open Show Report



The UK Classic Foreign Bird Show was held as the Open Show of The Foreign Bird League on Sunday 18th September.  The standard of the 275 entries remained as high as ever and certainly the judges, Peter Gallimore, Lisa Barnsdale and Dennis Webster had their work cut out in order to place the birds. 

They settled on an outstanding grey Heck's Grassfinch, staged to perfection by J Harris, which drew admiration as the Best Foreign Exhibit.  The Second Best exhibit was a marvellous Olive Finch, of good, steady disposition staged by S Fisher and which also took the award for Best Adult Owner Bred Seedeater.  Third Best in show went to a fine Silverbill and which showed itself off admirably to the credit of Mr & Mrs Rowe and which also took the award for Best Current Year Owner Bred Seedeater.

The number of exhibits in the parrotlike classes was not of the level it was years ago although the standard of birds was still of very good order.  The award for Best Adult Parrotlike went to Mr & Mrs Cowling with an impeccable apple green Celestial Parrotlet while the award for second Best Parrotlike went to Miss C Warren with a most charming Blue-fronted Amazon.  Best Adult OB award went to S. Fisher with a superb Celestial Parrotlet.  The best CYOB Parrotlike award went to J Harris with a splendid young Mountain Parrakeet, while the second best award went to S Fisher with a charming Celestial Parrotlet.


The numbers of lovebirds was well down on previous years although the standard of those benched was still of the highest order.  The award for Best Adult lovebird went to S Fisher with a very bold Masked Lovebird. The second best adult award went to M Plose with an exquisite Fischer's Lovebird.

In the Seedeater section the adult award went to the very fine Red-cheeked Cordon Bleu exhibited by C Waterman.  Second Best went to a lovely White-headed Mannikin exhibited by P J King.  The CYOB Seedeaters showed a very good overall standard, headed by Mr & Mrs Rowe's Silverbill which went on to take third best in show overall.  G Lee came second with a very smart Blue-billed Mannikin.  The Best adult owner bred seedeater went to S Fisher's good bold Olive Finch while a fine Peter’s Twinspot shown by N Elliston came second.


Within the Java Sparrow section, the award for Best Adult Java Sparrow went to S Downe's agate with B & J Rudling's silver being the runner up.  The CYOB award went to G Lee with a well matched pair of whites while D Brown's fawn was a worthy runner up.


The Australian section showed a dip in Gouldian Finch numbers although there was a good depth of quality throughout this section albeit all the major awards here went to J Harris.  The adult Australian section was headed by his grey Heck's Grassfinch with his exhibit from the normal coloured class being runner up.  This result was mirrored in the CYOB classes with his grey Heck's going on to take the Best in Show as well with his normal coloured Heck's being section runner up and which led to these birds taking the best CYOB foreign bird awards.

Best in section in the nectar feeding classes was a beautiful Tacazze Sunbird shown by R Hurworth.  Of the Softbills, C Waterman was successful with a very fine and steady Plumbeous Redstart with R Hurworth’s Cape Robin Chat taking second best.  Best CYOB Softbill was awarded to Miss C Warren's steady Pagoda Mynah just beating R Hurworth's  Opal-rumped Tanager in second place.  The Best Adult Owner Bred award saw Miss C Warren's very steady Spreo Starling taking the top honour.

The Best Bengalese, Best Champion, Best Breeder, Best Champion Breeder went to Mr & Mrs Cowling's self chocolates. The top Novice award and Novice Breeder award was taken by B. Robins with a fine pair of variegated creams. 

In the Zebra Finch section, Best Zebra Finch and  Best Champion awards were taken by Mr & Mrs Collins with a marvellous bold pair of normals.  Best Breeder and best Champion Breeder was taken by B & J Rudling's   creams.  Best Novice was taken by M Cosby with a very good and cobby pair of normals while K. Chapman took the award for Best Novice Breeder with a fine pair of creams.



 Report by Daniel Shearing