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Foreign Bird League

Patronage & Affiliations and Judges Panel

The Foreign Bird League run two schemes - Patronage or Affiliation. 

PATRONAGE - There is a free scheme for societies to register with the FBL and receive rosettes for Open Shows. To qualify for this scheme the appropriate form must be filled in and a FBL panel judge MUST be used. The level of patronage will be awarded at the discretion of the FBL Council.

The second scheme - AFFILIATION - is for societies who wish to run a Foreign Bird section at a club show. This affiliation costs £5 and you will receive 2 rosettes to award as you wish. A FBL panel judge is not required for these shows. Any society affiliating for 5 or more consecutive years will also receive a FBL medal. This can be awarded as you wish either at a show or otherwise (Best Junior, member of the year etc).

Patronages and Affiliations should be requested from the Patronage Secretary at the following address. Cheques should be made out to the "Foreign Bird League" and a S.A.E is appreciated. A current list of FBL panel judges will be sent out with the rosettes.

Patronage Secretary

Peter Gallimore

49 Sycamore Road



M46 9DZ

01942 884337

The following societies and clubs are affiliated to the Foreign Bird League or receive patronage for their shows (as at 1st Jan 2010)

Manchester and Northern Foreign Bird Society

Northumberland and Durham Foreign Bird Society

Barnsley & District C.B.S.

Lincoln & District B&FBS

Norfolk FBA

North Lincs F.B.S.

Severn Counties F. & B.B.S

The Lovebird Society

The Foreign Bird Association

Diss & District C.B.S

Isle of Wight C.B.S

Kernow A.S

Launceston & District C.B.S.

Lincoln & District B & F.B.S

North Derbyshire F.B.B. & M.C.

Severn Counties F & B.B.S

Solent C.B.S

Western counties B & F.B.S

Wirral Birdkeepers

Foreign Bird League Judges Panel

The Foreign Bird League maintains a panel of approved judges able to award patronages on behalf of the League and other specialist societies. These panel judges cover virtually the whole of mainland Great Britain. Unfortunately, there are no judges on the panel from Eire or Northern Ireland.

Societies wishing to engage the services of a Foreign Bird League panel judge should contact the Hon. Sec or an up to date judges list is available from Peter Gallimore upon receipt of a S.A.E

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