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Foreign Bird League

Foreign Bird League

You may find the links to other societies & bird related sites below of some interest                                The Foreign Bird Federation                                                           The Amazona Society                                                            The Avicultural Society                                             The National Council for Aviculture                                                 The International Turaco Society                                                     The Java Sparrow Society                                                    Just Javas (Java Sparrows)                                  The National Bengalese Fanciers Association                                                        Yorkshire Foreign Bird Society                Severn Counties Foreign & British Bird Society                                      The Waxbill Finch Society                                           The Zebra Finch Society                                     Eastern Counties Foreign Bird Society                          Halifax & District Cage Bird Society                                                    Wirral Bird Keepers                                   South West Scotland Foreign Bird Society                                                              The Foreign Softbill Society                                       The National Finch and Softbill Society (USA)                                                               Grantham C.B.S                                               The Cockatiel Society                                 The Australian Finch Society                                                 Gouldian Finch Research                                                               The World Parrot Trust                           Solway Parrot and Foreign Bird Club                             Torbay Budgerigar and Foreign Bird Society                              All about Blue Capped Waxbills                                            The Avicultural Society of America                                The Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada                                             The Avicultural Society of Australia       (in Danish)                     Dansk Fuglehold (Danish Org' for Foreign Bird Keepers)              Norfolk Foreign Bird Association                              Cites information from the UK Government                             Kakapo Research in New Zealand             The Avicultural Society of Western Australia                                  Strathclyde Foreign Bird Breeders Society                                                          Info on CPQ                                  Rand Avicultural Society (South Africa)              Belgian Parrot Society                                  High Wycombe Bird Breeding Society                            Lakeland Birdkeepers (Cumbria)                                         Gravesend Bird Club                                  Maidstone & South Eastern Counties Avicultural Society                                    Der Vogelfreund - German bird breeding organisation             Australian Bird Breeders Directory                         Macaw re-introduction project in Costa Rica

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