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The Foreign Bird League (FBL)

Benefits of membership include:-

  • Quarterly magazine (44 pages) with colour plates and articles from many leading aviculturists​

  • Breeders Awards Scheme

  • Outings to leading collections, including those not generally open to the public

  • Annual Exhibition - the most prestigious in the UK

  • Patronage award scheme

  • Affiliation scheme (including 5yr affiliation award)

  • Access to a wealth of experience from its members

  • New member introduction pack

History of The League

The Foreign Bird League was formed in 1932. Originally called the Foreign Bird Exhibitor's League, it was re-named and it's aims revised in 1933/34. This was to encompass all keepers and breeders of Foreign Birds, not just exhibitors. The League went from strength to strength becoming a world leader and having members on all the populated continents. From very early on the League published a magazine, which it continues to this day, and is now in it's 81st edition with nearly 400 individual magazines having been produced. Although resources were in short supply, the League continued to publish during WWII (although with many less pages) and arranged shows to raise funds for the Britsh Red Cross. A win at the FBL Open Show is still seen as the pinnacle of success in the exhibition of Foreign Birds.

From day one the League has recognised breeding success and maintains a record of the first breeding of all species bred by it's members. Alongside this a breeding scheme has been run and each year the Council sits to discuss the merits of each participants breeding results and agrees on a level of award. One member each year is especially recognised for their achievements in breeding either a wide range of species, large numbers of birds or a particularly difficult species.

At its height the League had more than 2000 members worldwide and, although membership is now substantially lower than this, it continues to have members distributed in many countries. The League continues to maintain relationships with societies in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia - sharing magazines and information between like-minded bird keepers.

One of it's founder members and the first President was the Marquess of Tavistock - eventually to become the 12th Duke of Bedford. The Marquess was an expert on Parrots and wrote one of the first books dedicated to this fascinating family of birds. The Marquess was successful in breeding a large number of species - many of which were FBL first breedings. For these breedings, like many others, the Marquess was awarded a number of commemorative Silver and Bronze medals. The most notable of these were for the world first breedings of the Tahiti Blue and Ultramarine Lorikeets from the South Pacific islands.

One of the FBL's main objectives is to promote the keeping and breeding of all types of Foreign Birds whilst representing our interests to government, providing a larger voice than individual birdkeepers and societies would have.


Each year the League stages an Open Show.

The UK Classic Foreign Bird Show is held as the Open Show of the League.This is the largest show of its kind in the UK

Foreign Bird League Merchandise 

There are a number of quality items available to purchase from the club stand at the shows and events we attend. These include a range of bird related items such as food pots in various sizes, Oystershell grit, charcoal, catching nets in various sizes, coconut fibre and AC Hughes plastic split rings.

Back copies of "Foreign Birds" magazine are always available to purchase.

Buying these items will help the League and it's members.

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