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"Foreign Birds"
The Magazine of the Foreign Bird League


Currently in it's 89th edition, Foreign Birds is the magazine for the League members. Printed on top quality, glossy paper in colour and distributed on a quarterly basis, the magazine is usually 44 pages in total, sometimes more.
The magazine contains articles on keeping, breeding and management of all sections of the Foreign Bird Fancy.
There are also articles on member's holidays (where they search out species kept in captivity), book reviews, minutes of all council meetings,show reports etc 
The Foreign Bird League exchanges magazines with overseas societies and articles from these overseas magazines are sometimes included.  
If you wish to submit copy for inclusion in the magazine the Editor will be very pleased to hear from you. Do not hesitate if you feel your grammar or spelling is not up to scratch - this will be reviewed. Even a few notes written "on the back of an old envelope" will be fine. We are particularly short of copy at the moment, so any help at all will be gratefully received.

If you can e-mail the notes, preferably including a few photos, use the following link or you can post to the Membership Secretary (address on the contacts page)
The Winter 2023 edition of "Foreign Birds" , has now been sent to all members.
If you do not receive your copy by the end of January please contact Bryan

The Editor of the magazine maintains a complete library of archived magazines. Those magazines are now indexed. A copy of this index in PDF format can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. The document is just over 2.9mb and goes to around 369 pages.
The index covers 387 magazines and there are in excess of 7000 items.

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