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Foreign Bird League Breeder's Awards

The Foreign Bird League runs a breeding award scheme for all League members.

Members are encouraged to forward all records of successful breedings to the Breeding Records Officer each year.

You can rest assured that all breedings reported will be kept in strictest confidence.

The records are anonymously reviewed by the Council and awards are in the form of a medallion or an individually inscribed certificate. There is also an overall award for most Outstanding Breeding of the Year who receives the Ruth Sawyer (nee Ezra) Award.

The awards for each year are decided upon and the results subsequently published in the magazine

 Each year number of "first breedings" by FBL members are identified and both the membership and Council are consulted for verification. Assuming verification is successful, these will be ratified at the next Council meeting. These "proposed Firsts" are printed in "Foreign Birds".

These first breedings by a League member are recognised separately and, once a breeding report has been published in the magazine, are marked by the awarding of an engraved plaque.

Breedings are for the previous year and the chicks must be raised to independence. First breedings by any League member should ideally be verified by another League member and a supporting article sent to the magazine editor for inclusion.

Each year the Breeding Records Officer collates the reports which is summarised in the magazine. 

Every member will receive a form each year (usually enclosed in the magazine) and the return address for the Breeding Records Officer will be printed on that form.


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