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Downloadable Care Sheets from the FBL

Foreign Bird League members have created a small library of basic care sheets for a variety of Foreign Birds. These are useful to beginners and existing birdkeepers moving to a new species that they have never kept before. These are intended to be an introduction to the species and we urge you to research well before you purchase your chosen species. The advice given is not the only way to keep these birds, but the methods used and the advice given has been successful for us in the past. Historical articles previously printed in our magazine - Foreign Birds - have in some cases been used as the basis for the information included.

This feature is new and additional species will be included in the future. Copyright for the work remains with both the Foreign Bird League and the original authors and cannot be reproduced either in part or full in any form of media. However, feel free to download a copy for your own use. Foreign Bird League members can distribute copies of these sheets to prospective customers of surplus birds, but must be in their entirety including the FBL logos.

If you feel that you can add to our library of care sheet please e-mail your work to FBL.EDITOR@GMAIL.COM . The advice should be about 700 -750 words for it to fit onto a single sheet.

Click on the Links below to download the care sheet you require - they are in PDF format and should be capable of being opened by any computer.




Purchasing new birds    prepared by Rosemary Low

Bengalese Finch Care Sheet

Blackcheeked Lovebird Care Sheet    prepared by Darren Sefton

Cherry Finch Care Sheet

Cockatiel Care Sheet    prepared by Darren Sefton

Cutthroat Finch Care Sheet    originally prepared by Darren Sefton

Diamond Dove Care Sheet    prepared by Peter Gallimore

Grass Parakeet (Neophema) Care Sheet    prepared by Derek Cotgrave

Green Singing Finches Care Sheet   originally prepared by David Brown

Goldbreasted Waxbill Care Sheet    prepared by Darren Sefton

Goldie's Lorikeet Care Sheet    originally prepared by Peter Gallimore

Gouldian Finch Care Sheet

Green-cheeked Conure Care sheet   prepared by Darren Sefton

Java Sparrow Care Sheet

Kakariki Care Sheet

Lovebird Care Sheet     originally prepared by M&C Coleman

Parson Finch Care Sheet

Pekin Robin Care Sheet

Pionus Parrot Care Sheet    prepared by Darren Sefton

Sierra Parrakeet Care Sheet   originally prepared by Darren Sefton

Silverbill Care Sheet

Speckled Mousebird Care Sheet    originally prepared by Ray Sherlock

The Spice Finch - originally prepared by Matthew Guest

Touracos Care Sheet

Zebra Finch Care Sheet

Zosterops Care Sheet   prepared by Darren Sefton

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